I would have to say my PillowPet Frog for today since I am kinda tired.


Yesterday, I gave in to temptation but today I am holding my head high and I am going to get fit.

Vitamins - I started taking my probiotic today. Hopefully that will help with some bloating from certain foods.

Breakfast - Oatmeal (BAD idea before bikram yoga)

Lunch - 1 homemade taco

Dinner - Salad

Exercise - sweated for 90 mins at Bikram yoga and man did it feel good but the nausea from eating the apple oatmeal was not smart. I must drink more water before going also. After bikram since I was dehydated I had a Zico passion fruit coconut water.

These were the oreo cupcakes staring at me yesterday

Today is there is cupcakes in the break room staring at me!!

I ate maple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, fresh fruit for lunch, and now I am fighting temptation from these cupcakes!!!! Work is dangerous but it sure does pay the bills!

Best exercises to tone up particular body parts.

  • Tell the exercise, what it works, and how many, along with reps.

This is the beginning of 40 Days!

Tomorrow is the beginning of 40 days of diet and fitness!

- No meat except fish and all natural chicken

- No sweets (pastries, muffins, cookies, chocolate, etc.)

- No caffeine beverages

- No sodas or carbonated beverages

- No bread or white pasta (but whole grain pasta is ok)

- No eggs

- No whole milk

- No alcohol

- No saturated fats, hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners

I need encouragement for the motivation to stay on track with exercising. I will take any suggestions or comments on trying. This can be music to listen to while running or sign up for a group exercise program.

"You want me to do something… tell me I can’t do it."

— Maya Angelou